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Affiliated Centers at MSU

The Asian Studies Center collaborates with a number of units and centers at Michigan State University to offer students academic, experiential, and language-centered opportunities to engage in Asian studies.

Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)

CASID promotes and coordinates the study of issues related to international development from the perspective of the social sciences and liberal arts. CASID also provides assistance to faculty seeking external funding for cross-unit, cross-disciplinary international development research and project activities around the world, in collaboration with the Institute of International Agriculture and the Asian Studies Center.

Center for Gender in Global Context (GenCen)

GenCen is an interdisciplinary center focused on gender, feminist, and women's programs. Its affiliated faculty and students study how processes of global change affect gender relations locally, nationally, and internationally. The Asian Studies Center cooperates with GenCen in organizing programs and activities on gender-related issues in Asia.

Hub for Innovation in LCTL Teaching (HILT)

The Hub for Innovation in LCTL Teaching (HILT) has applied for Title VI Language Resource Center funding. HILT recognizes the pressing national need for access to high-quality language teaching and learning materials in today's global society and, if funded, will establish itself as a national hub for LCTL advancement, strengthening LCTL education by promoting new connections between institutions, instructors, and learners. HILT's main activities in the 2018-22 funding cycle will include 1) enhancing access to existing LCTL resources, 2) generating new LCTL teaching resources, 3) advancing knowledge through research on LCTLs, and 4) building instructional capacity for LCTLs through professional development.

Japan Center for Michigan Universities

JCMU provides the fifteen state-supported universities in Michigan with a residential study abroad program in Japan. In partnership with Shiga Prefecture in Japan, JCMU promotes international education and to prepare the citizens of both countries for the realities of our changing world. JCMU serves the needs of many MSU undergraduate and graduate Asian Studies students by way of its Japanese language and culture curriculum.

Office of China Programs

The Office of China Programs was established to expand MSU's presence in China through strategic partnerships with key Chinese research and educational institutions and building cultural, economic and civic ties between China and the State of Michigan. The office is also expanding on-campus commitment to and capacity for China programs. The Office of China Programs became part of the Asian Studies Center in 2009.

The Center for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (CERES)

CERES promotes study and understanding of European, Eurasian, and Russian culture, society, and political issues. The Asian Studies Center cooperates with CERES in supporting instruction in West and Central Asian Languages and other initiatives advancing teaching and research on Eurasia.