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Advisory Council

The Asian Studies Center Advisory Council is a collective of faculty representatives from Michigan State University, each faculty member on the council is from a certain designation including East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, College of Arts and Letters, College of Social Science, Central, West, and North Asia, and a College other than CAL or CSS. Membership on the council requires faculty involvement in research, teaching, and outreach related to Asia and Asian languages.

Advisory Council Members

Elizabeth Drexler

Representative Designation: Southeast Asia
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Anthropology
College: Social Science

Ethan Clarkson

Representative Designation: Student
Title: Student
Department: James Madison College
College: James Madison College

JaeMin Cha

Representative Designation: East Asia
Title: Associate Professor
Department: The School of Hospitality Business
College: Eli Broad College of Business

Mywish Maredia

Representative Designation: Colleges other than CSS/CAL
Title: Professor
Department: Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
College: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Norm Graham

Representative Designation: Central, West and North Asia
Title: Professor
Department: James Madison College
College: James Madison College

Peter De Costa

Representative Designation: College of Arts and Letters
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Linguistics and Languages
College: Arts and Letters

Sejuti Das Gupta

Representative Designation: South Asia
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: James Madison College
College: James Madison College

Sheila Maxwell

Representative Designation: College of Social Science
Title: Associate Professor
Department: School of Criminal Justice
College: Social Science