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Advisory Council

The Asian Studies Center Advisory Council is a collective of faculty representatives from Michigan State University, each faculty member on the council is from a certain designation including East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, College of Arts and Letters, College of Social Science, Central, West, and North Asia, and a College other than CAL or CSS. Membership on the council requires faculty involvement in research, teaching, and outreach related to Asia and Asian languages.

2020 - 2021 Advisory Council Members

Guo Chen 

Representative Designation: East Asia
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Geography and Global Urban Studies
College: Social Science
Email: guochen(at)

Amanda Flaim

Representative Designation: Southeast Asia
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: James Madison College
College: James Madison College
Email: flaim(at)

Swarnavel Pillai

Representative Designation: South Asia
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Film Studies & Creative Writing
College: English
Email: eswaran(at)

Kyle Evered

Representative Designation: College of Social Science
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences
College: Social Science 
Email: ktevered(at)

Marc Bernstein

Representative Designation: College of Arts and Letters
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Hebrew
College: College of Arts and Letters
Email: msb(at)

Russell Lucas

Representative Designation: Central, West and North Asia
Title: Associate Professor
Department: James Madison College
College: James Madison College

Aniruddh Behere

Representative Designation: Colleges other than Social Science & Arts and Letters
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Human Medicine/Pediatrics And Human Development/Grand Rapids campus
College: Human Medicine 
Email: beherea1(at)

Guanglong Pang

Representative Designation: Graduate Students
Title: PhD Candidate 
Department: Higher Education and Lifelong Learning 
College: College of Education
Email: pangguan(at)

Nikunj Agarwal

Representative Designation: Undergraduate Students
Title: Undergraduate Student
Department: Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
College: College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Email: agarwa92(at)