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Affiliated Faculty

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Yasumasa Komori Email: komoriy(at)
College: James Madison College
Department: James Madison College
Focus Country: Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea

Kazum Kondoh Email: kondohk(at)
College: International Studeis And Programs
Department: Japan Center for Michigan Universities
Focus Country: Japan

Roshni Kulkarni Email: roshni(at)
College: College of Osteopathic Medicine
Department: Department of Pediatrics and Human Development
Focus Country: India

Zarema Kumakhova Email: kumakhov(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: Department of Linguistics and Languages
Focus Country: Russia

Leah Lakdawala Email: lkl(at)
College: College of Social Science
Department: Department of Economics
Focus Country: India, Thailand

Doug Landis Email: landisd(at)
College: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Natural Science
Department: Department of Entomology
Focus Country: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Maria Lapinski Email: lapinsk3(at)
College: College of Communication Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Communication
Focus Country: Taiwan, China, Japan

Michael Largey Email: largey(at)
College: College of Music
Department: Department of Musicology
Focus Country: China, India, Japan, Nepal, South Korea, Tibet, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Michael Lawrence Email: michael.lawrence(at)
College: College of Law
Department: College of Law
Focus Country: China

Mara Leichtman Email: mara.leichtman(at)
College: College of Social Science
Department: Department of Anthropology
Focus Country: Countries in the Middle East