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Affiliated Faculty

The Asian Studies Center seeks to continue to support faculty work in research, teaching, and service by showcasing their work. Please share your latest achievements (e.g. publication, external funding and awards, promotion, etc.), through the Faculty Achievements Submission page.

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Srinand Sreevatsan Email: sreevats(at)
College: College of Veterinary Medicine
Department: Deans Office
Focus Country: Thailand, China, South Korea,

Vangie Alocilja Email: alocilja(at)
College: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources/BAE
Department: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Focus Country: South Asia

Vlad Tarabara Email: tarabara(at)
College: College of Engineering
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Focus Country: Georgia, Turkey, Singapore

Winson (Taiquan) Peng Email: pengtaiq(at)
College: College of Communication Arts & Sciences
Department: Communication
Focus Country: Asia Pacific

Haixia Liu Email: liuhaixi(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: CeLTa
Focus Country: Japan, China

Lina Qu Email: qulina(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: Department of Linguistics and Languages
Focus Country: China

Parisa Ghaderi Email: ghaderip(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: Department of Art, Art History and Design
Focus Country: Iran

Jungmin Kwon Email: jkwon(at)
College: College of Education
Department: Teacher Education
Focus Country: Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong

Jiquan Chen Email: jqchen(at)
College: College of Social Science
Department: Department of Geography Environment Spatial Sciences
Focus Country: Mongolia, China

Kaveh Askari Email: askarik1(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: Department of English/Film Studies Program
Focus Country: Iran, Middle East