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CKS - DEI Fellowship Award for MSU Faculty and Staff

The Council on Korean Studies (CKS) is pleased to announce a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Fellowship Award. The award aims to recognize the accomplishments of MSU faculty and staff, support their professional endeavor, and encourage their engagement with the Council on Korean Studies. Preferential consideration will be given to the research, teaching, and academic activities related to Korean contexts.

The Award is conferred on up to three MSU scholars and practitioners per year in recognition of their exemplary DEI-focused research, teaching, service, advising, and outreach activity. This includes but is not limited to research about DEI, curriculum development with a DEI focus in pre-existing or new courses, study abroad course development with a DEI focus, and any programming, outreach, service, and advising that promote DEI on campus and beyond.

For more information regarding the fellowship, please visit the DEI Fellowship page on the Council on Korean Studies website.


Eligibility to Nominate

MSU faculty, academic staff, and postdoc fellows with current CKS membership may nominate others or self-nominate for this award.

CKS membership is open to anyone and there is no membership fee. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in CKS’s programming and outreach efforts to promote Korea at MSU and beyond. For example, CKS asks its members to share event announcements with their networks, to offer assistance in organizing events such as the Global Korea Award, Korean Night, Korea Week, etc.

For membership inquiries, contact CKS at cksmsu(at) or Mr. Peter Yoon (President of CKS) at yoonpete(at) .

Eligibility for Selection

Those nominated candidates also must hold a CKS membership. Upon nomination, CKS will reach out to nominees if they’re interested in CKS membership. 

Nomination and Selection Process

The online nomination form will be available by March 1, 2023, and nominations will close by May 1, 2023. To nominate and be selected, CKS membership should be obtained prior to May 1.

Required materials include:

  1. An online nomination form that includes a short description of the work and its importance to DEI

  2. Your CV, or any related materials of evidence such as a research paper or proposal

The selection committee, which consists of at least four current CKS members nominated by CKS President, will review and make the decision by June 15. The Committee may ask the nominee(s) for additional information if necessary during the review process. 

Award Prize

The award recipients will be awarded a certificate of recognition at the annual Global Korean Awards ceremony in October and awarded $1,500 cash prize by November. The recipients are expected to attend the Global Korean Awards ceremony and give a short remark.