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S.C. Lee Awards

The Shao Chang Lee Scholarship Fund was established by friends and colleagues of the late Professor Lee to provide scholarship awards for undergraduate students enrolled at MSU who have made outstanding accomplishments in Asian studies and are pursuing or planning to pursue a program that includes Asian studies.

Past Scholarship Recipients

2020 Recipients: 1st Callista Keller, 2nd Joey Longo

2019 Recipients: 1st Leo Baldiga, 2nd Marshall Weimer, 3rd Chelsea BeGole

2018 Recipients: 1st Kaila Waineo, 2nd Alexis Puente, 3rd Kevin Klukowski

2017 Recipients: 1st Alec Manaia, 2nd Sarah Teppen, 3rd John Henry Bock III

2016 Recipients: 1st Tessa Raymond, 2nd Zachary Bezemk, 3rd Cassandra Walker

2015 Recipients: 1st Katelynn Klemm, 2nd Patrick Mercer, 3rd Carole Purwanto 

2014 Recipients: 1st Alexis Pierce, 1st Sora Choi, 2nd Alexis Schumaker, 2nd John Joba

2013 Recipients: 1st Kristin McCool, 2nd Connor Corcoran

2012 Recipients: 1st Clara Balliet, 1st Kaavey Ramesk, 2nd Nathan Bairds, 2nd Amber Domasicwicz, 2nd Leah Bridle

2011 Recipients: 1st Matthew Borton, 2nd Eric Branoff, 2nd Kelly Long, 3rd Samuel Peters

SC Lee.jpgS.C. Lee Scholarship

S.C. Lee Scholarship awards encourage excellence in scholarship. Professor Lee was a noted authority on Chinese history and religion and worked tirelessly to promote further understanding between East Asia and the United States.

S.C. Lee Best Paper Competition

The Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University makes awards for undergraduate and graduate students for papers focusing on Asian topics. Students in any academic discipline may submit a research paper (typically 15 – 25 pages with citations) completed for a course, or under the supervision of a faculty member at MSU during the spring, summer, or fall semesters of the preceding year (for example papers submitted for the 2019 competition should have been written during 2018). The paper must focus on an Asian topic or have significant content related to Asia. Book reports or reviews are not eligible. The paper competition is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled through the Spring semester. Only one paper may be submitted by a student for a particular annual competition.

Application Materials and Competition Dates

Competition start date: December 4, 2019

Competition deadline EXTENDED: February 14, 2020

MSU Asian Studies Center Announcement for the 2020 S.C. Lee Competitions

2020 S.C. Lee Scholarship application

2020 S.C. Lee Best Paper Competition application