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Market, Society and State in a Bai Village, Yunnan Province, China: Discussion on the Endogenous Dev
Monday, 25 Nov 2019
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
McDonelHall Room C103
Asian Studies Center
Event Details:

Dr. Xuhui Wang is an Associate Professor with the Department of Sociology & Survey Research Center of Chinese Ethnic Minorities at Minzu University of China

This talk is part of the Anthropology Working Paper Series. Since 1949, China's compressed modernization and rural-urban institutional divide not only spawned many social issues such as tens of millions of migrant workers and left-behind children, but also largely cemented the marginalized, backward or even powerless images of rural China and peasants. In the current situation of new technologies and rural revitalization strategy, we are wondering whether and how to achieve endogenous development relying on technical traditions in rural China. Xinhua village named Home of Silversmiths, a Bai People's traditional village in southwestern China, gradually formed a supermarket with annual sales of more than 300 million dollars in recent decades. We will explore why most villagers could get involved, benefit from this rural silverware industry and maintain a good market order. Further, we will discuss how the state and local society shaped the market structure and development path.


Sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and College of Social Science