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Affiliated Faculty

The Asian Studies Center seeks to continue to support faculty work in research, teaching, and service by showcasing their work. Please share your latest achievements (e.g. publication, external funding and awards, promotion, etc.), through the Faculty Achievements Submission page.

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Deepa Thiagarajan Email: thiagara(at)
College: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition
Focus Country: South East Asia and Sub Saharan Africa

Isabella Tirtowalujo Email: tirtowal(at)
College: International Studies & Programs; James Madison College
Department: Asian Studies Center
Focus Country: Indonesia, China, Phillipines

Youngeun Kim Email: kimyo142(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: Department of Linguistics, Langauges, and Cultures
Focus Country: Korea

Bartolomeo Gorgoglione Email: bartgorg(at)
College: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department: Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife
Focus Country: Thailand, Israel, Indonesia

Myunghee Lee Email: leemyu12(at)
College: James Madison College
Department: James Madison College
Focus Country: East Asian countries, particularly the Korean Peninsula and China

Yijie Wang Email: yjwang(at)
College: College of Social Science
Department: Human Development and Family Studies
Focus Country: China

Courtenay A. Barrett Email: morsicou(at)
College: College of Education
Department: Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education
Focus Country: Korea

Ji Won Jeon Email: jeonjiwo(at)
College: College of Arts and Letters
Department: Theatre Department
Focus Country: South Korea