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Tonda Puppet Troupe Performance
Monday, 08 Oct 2018
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
RCAH Theater, Snyder Hall
Asian Studies Center
Event Details:

The Tonda Ningyō Jōruri Troupe has a long history that extends back to the Edo Period of Japan. In the 6th year of the Tempō Era 91835) inder emporer Kōmei, a travelling puppetry troupe came from the Awa (modern day Tokushima Prefecture) to perform in Nagahama City. On their way, they became snowbound in the hamlet of Kita-tonda and were unable to deliver their intended perfomarmance. In order to return home, they sold their puppets. Some of the local vilagers, who enjoyed ningyō performances, acquired the puppets and began training. It was from these villagers that the Tonda Ningyō Jōruri Troupe got its start.

Now the Tonda Puppet Troupe repertoire consists of more than fourteen stories.