International Studies & Programs

Asian Studies Center Outreach

The Asian Studies Center holds many on-campus events throughout the year including lectures, workshops, and film showings. The center occasionally holds regional, national, and international conferences, and offers an outreach program which works with community colleges, libraries, and other organizations to increase awareness of Asian cultures and societies through educational activities.

Contact Jennifer Pippin (pippinj1(at) to schedule outreach events.

K‑12 and Community Programs

In addition to K‑12 resources, the Asian Studies center also offers two outreach programs: The Great Lakes Shiga High School Exchange Program and the Michigan-Shiga High School Exchange Program.

Teacher Workshops

The Asian Studies Center offers four workshops for middle and high school teachers: the Teaching About Asia Workshop, and the Workshops for Teachers of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

Environmental Science in Japan

In 2013, the Asian Studies Center and the Japan Center for Michigan Universities collaborated to form the Bridging Project, a project which creates a better understanding of Japan's culture through the lens of environmental studies.

K‑12 Teacher Resources

The Asian Studies Center has a collection of K‑12 lessons donated by K‑12 teachers for use in various classrooms.