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«January 2012»

INPEP 2011-12 Brown Bag Lecture Series: Health Needs of Rural Women of Nepal

Date: Thursday, 19 Jan 2012 Time: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Location: E-4 East Fee Hall


Presentation: Frequent and early childbirth can lead to Utero-Vaginal Prolapse (UVP), which is characterized by weakening of pelvic floor muscles and collapse of female reproductive organs. UVP is a significant source of morbidity and stigma for women around the world, especially those in resource-poor settings such as Nepal. This seminar will share information about UPV in rural Nepali women and MSU based efforts to address this condition. A 2010 survey of women’s health needs showed about 22% of mothers were suffering from some form of UPV in Nepal.
Professor Suvedi’s work followed a two-pronged approach to address this problem: prevention education and surgical treatment. This seminar will share the tools he used to assess women's health needs, methods used to gather related data, techniques employed to engage stakeholders and partners in planning a 3-day Health Camp, and methods used to assess of intervention effectiveness. Next steps? Dr. Suvedi will share potential opportunities for collaboration to address maternal and child health issues in Nepal.

Murari Suvedi is a professor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University. He is a scholar-practitioner in international development. His research and outreach projects focus on agriculture development, non-formal education, and community empowerment. He has offered program evaluation workshops in Cambodia, Ecuador, India, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nepal. Dr. Suvedi has also offered semester-long multidisciplinary study abroad programs for Michigan State University students in Nepal (1997-2001) and Thailand (2002-2010). He was a Fulbright Senior Specialist to Nepal (2003) and Cambodia (2005), and a Fulbright Scholar to Nepal (2006-07). Dr. Suvedi’s work with UVP grew out of a community-raised concern raised during a development project.

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